Typically in a tiny home or shed, you will need to power LED lights, charge phones, run a laptop, perhaps a water pump and maybe a fridge. This setup is unlikely to use more than 2kw at any one time and space may be at a premium.

A 24v system can use smaller cabling, and a smaller charge controller for a given PV array, and our suggestion opposite uses 2kw of PV, a 2kw Multiplus Inverter/Charger, to give you the option of powering from a generator or other external source should the solar not provide sufficient charging, or you want to run something that uses more than the 2kw that the inverter/charger can provide.

You can monitor what is being produced using a bluetooth connection to the SmartSolar charge controller, and see how your batteries are performing using the BMV-712 battery monitor.

Two 110ah AGM batteries in parallel (positive to negative) will give you one 24v battery at 110ah. We provide properly sized cables made up to suit.




Ideal as a starter project for newcomers to DIY renewables

  • 335w PV Panel
  • Smartsolar 75/10 charge controller
  • 90Ah AGM Battery

Guide Price – 600e


You could run – 

LED Lights, Laptop


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Tiny Home

  • 2kw PV Panels
  • 3kw Easysolar inverter/charger/
  • 5kw AGM battery

Guide price – 4000e


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Washing machine, Freezer, Microwave OR Toaster OR Hairdryer. 

2 days backup.


Tiny Home Plus

  • 3kw PV Panels
  • 3kw Multiplus II
  • Smartsolar 250/100
  • Cerbo GX
  • 2.6kw Victron battery

Guide price  – 7400e


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Washing machine,  Freezer, Microwave, Toaster, Hairdryer. 

2 days backup.

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