whole house SYSTEMS

If you’re intending to run your entire home off grid then the first step is to see where you can eliminate electricity use. So cooking on wood, or gas; heating water with a pellet / log boiler, range cooker, and/or solar thermal, with excess solar energy in summer being used to power an immersion heater.

You’re likely to have a fridge, freezer, washing machine, toaster and maybe an electric kettle and microwave in summer. Induction hobs are also good for sunny weather. From November – March though, we need to minimise power use unless we want to rely on backup from a generator, wind power or hydro.

We find that people frequently underestimate how much power they will need, and overestimate how much good weather they will have, so the key when designing a system is to be realistic. 

With a bigger system – and especially with BYD or  Pylontech LiFePo batteries, a Cerbo GX or Color Control GX unit is essential to manage everything properly. It enables the system to be properly configured, to control other devices – such as a generator on/off, and allows you to view and manage an internet connected unit from anywhere in the world.



Throughout the year, supplies of Pylontech batteries have been slow across Ireland and the UK, as well as most of Europe. They continue to arrive regularly but because of the backlog in orders everywhere, supplies move quickly. As of November 2021, we expect more Pylontech to arrive in with us for December / January and have a small stock of US3000C batteries currently. 
Therefore please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery for any order including Pylontech batteries.



  • 4kw PV Panels
  • 3kw Multiplus inverter/charger
  • Smartsolar 250/70
  • Cerbo GX
  • 3.5kW Pylontech battery

Guide Price – 7000


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Washing machine OR Toaster OR Hairdryer. 

1 day backup


  • 6kw PV Panels
  • 5kw Multiplus II inverter/charger
  • Smartsolar 250/100 
  • Cerbo GX
  • 7kW Pylontech battery

Guide price -9000


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Washing machine, Freezer, Microwave OR Toaster OR Hairdryer. 

2 days backup.


  • 8kw PV Panels
  • 8kw Multiplus II
  • 2x Smartsolar 250/70
  • Cerbo GX
  • 10.5kw Pylontech battery

Guide price  – 15000


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Washing machine, Induction hob, Freezer, Microwave, Toaster, Hairdryer. 

3 days backup.

Here's what you might need -

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    Off Grid home

    You have a house or building that you want to run completely off grid using battery storage, and solar PV 


    Van / bus conversion

    Converting and fitting out a camper van, bus or RV? Then start here. 


    Tiny home, outbuilding

    If you’re fitting out a small space these systems are the place to start. 


    Energy Storage home

    You have a mains/grid connection but want some energy storage to minimise bills and to give you backup in the event of a power cut.