van and camper SYSTEMS

If you’re converting a van, bus or other vehicle (we lived in a horse truck for a while) then your needs are pretty specific, mainly due to space. It’s likely that demand will be limited to lighting, laptop, phone charging, and starting heaters and water pumps. 

12v systems are much more common in vehicles, because that is the native voltage of most vehicles. 12v to 24v DC-DC convertors are available, but the benefits are fairly limited if your power demand is less than 3kw. 

Typically a maximum of 600w of PV (2 panels) is likely; an inverter/charger is common because of availability of mains hookups on parkups, or the use of small generators.

It is always good to charge your system batteries from the vehicle alternator, and for this we have the Cyrix Battery Combiner and Orion DC-Dc chargers, available in Smart and regular depending on vehicle type. 





12v system with 215w PV, 1.6kw Multiplus, 165ah AGM Battery

  • 215w PV Panels
  • 1.6kw Multiplus inverter/charger
  • 165ah AGM Battery
  • Cyrix Battery Combiner

Guide Price –  2300


You could run – 

LED Lights,  Laptop, PC, TV, Water pump

2 day backup

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12v system with 430w PV, 3kw Multiplus, 100ah Lithium Battery

  • 430w PV Panels
  • 3kw Multiplus inverter/charger
  • Cerbo GX
  • 100Ah 12v Superpack LiFePo battery
  • Cyrix Battery Combiner

Guide price – 4300


You could run – 

LED Lights, Fridge, Laptop, PC, TV, Microwave OR Toaster OR Hairdryer. 

3 days backup.

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    If you’re fitting out a small space these systems are the place to start. 


    Energy Storage home

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